Friday, May 26, 2006


(written as I was completing Vol2 - Issue 48 of PICTURE TO PONDER)

Picture to Ponder - Vol 2-Issue 48
Outdated, ugly, past my prime and usefulness
Corroded with rust
Broken metal has sharp edges

What's the point?
Why am I still here?
How long will I last?

Oh... There she is.
That Sheila with her camera.

I hear that through her lens
She discovers great beauty sometimes.
(Am I beautiful?)
Certainly she captures things of interest that most people miss.

The thing she says she most enjoys
Is when others start seeing more also.

I am now content.
I know I have a place in the world, on the web, in your memory
Matters not that my memory's gone
I can't even recall what my function was

I'm sure I must have made a difference AND
NOW I can rest, for sure, knowing that
Something has been captured here

That will alter the way many of you
start perceiving new and differently
Transforming pieces of your own lives.

(Hmmm. Was I a transformer?)

©2006 Sheila Finkelstein
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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Once again I am participating in very generous Julie Jordan Scott's 42 Days of Writing Passionately a program which, in the past, has reached unknown parts of me in my writing. I heartily recommend all of Julie's programs.

I am moved to share my free-flow writing from yesterday's session which seems to be somewhat of a follow-up to my WORDS posting in January. As a matter of fact, I think I wrote that during another of Julie's writing programs.

Given I say the writing in this blog is inspired mainly by photos, though it wasn't the source, I've included an image of the photo journal in which I write. The prompt for the session was:

"Right now I intend to pay attention to..."
To writing more, to writing regularly.

To allow myself to separate from my thoughts, my judgments
To be on the page with what comes
To trust that it IS right, whatever comes out
That it will and does make a difference for me and others who dance with my words
For that is what it is a dance of life.

The words move back and forth
They may have a lilt, a clang - harumph'
They hit a sore point, no not sore -
Rather magical to connect and make a difference, sometimes pivotal.
On her toes she spins, she dances gracefully accepting, embracing all there is.

©2006 Sheila Finkelstein

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


A prisoner, caged in, caught up, captured -

A prisoner of thoughts
Caged in by circumstances
Caught up in rights and wrongs
Captured by life

All thoughts triggered by a simple golden leaf entwined in a chain link fence
The leaf rendered golden by the late afternoon sun.

Went back today - 3 days later.
Leaf is gone
Checked the series of photographs taken

Discovered it wasn't as locked in as I thought
Seems only the top portion was hooked onto the fence
Probably only took some minor wind to free it.

Now to human life

When we look, we may find the thing setting up
What we think are chains, fences, barriers, locks and cages

Actually have only a very small catch
Simply needing some overall light to shine the way

And then a simple breeze to
Letting go - Release.

©2006 Sheila Finkelstein