Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stopped or Moving Forward?

All alone -
Standing still or
Moving forward?

The angled direction looks strong.
Where is the other foot?
Does it matter?

Looking closely at the surroundings,
There are some glimmers of aid.
Can they be called in?
Will they help?

The light is bright on the forward toe;
On part of the heel in the back also.

Does that mean the past is bright enough,
Sound enough,
To support the future?

After all is pondered and said,
It comes down to, simply,
"One step at a time!"

©2007 Sheila Finkelstein

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Banana Sky DVD

Happy days. I just realized that I can actually upload the one minute preview of Banana Sky onto this blog.

Thank you for clicking the arrow to view this preview the Banana Sky DVD. Insofar as the relaxation aspect of it, on the full DVD, the photos fade in an out for a smooth and comfortable transition. Enjoy.

You can find information on the full version on