Friday, October 26, 2007


Linear flow and textures call my pen to write.
What does it want to say?
Is it simply enough to play?
Have the letters play
With the spaces?

What is hiding here?
Is it eerie? Is it safe?
The shadow speaks above.

The hidden eye.
Is it an eye? Is it a mouth?

Words of my heart waiting to be expressed?

A river flows.
Steady rhythm strumming down the bank

Gently it plays along my being.

Soothing, Calming, Feeding
The Fibers of my soul.

How sweet it is!

(Note - The words here were inspired by, and written on, a photo of a wood knot on the boardwalk of Green Cay Wetlands. You can see the original photo of this wood knot and others from a morning walk, in Picture to Ponder, Vol. 3 - Issue 62.)