Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photography as Access to Transformation

As I build my business and study different sources, I'm reminded of the power of blogging and the importance of frequent, almost daily, posting. Then, I see it's almost 3 weeks since I've posted here.

I am therefore starting a post today, more of an article, to which I'll come back later. In Friday's PICTURE TO PONDER, I featured two photos of shadows on the boardwalk railing at Wakodatchee. The first, above, was strictly of zigzag lines which gave off a feeling of being bombarded.

The second, below, shows how clarity sets in when we step back and look at the bigger picture.

In fact several of the subscribers wrote that these photos and the Self-Reflecting Queries created a major shift for them. The queries were:

"Where in your life right now are you being pounded with self-defeating thoughts? I invite you to step back and relook at the situation(s). Can you now see some clarity? Are there some actions you can take that will move you forward, out of the morass?

Have fun with it. Play and if you have a camera I invite you to do some photographing. Simply play with the photos and see what becomes available for you in mood shift. Perhaps new directions will also open up with the totally unrelated challenges looked at in the exercise above. "


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