Friday, May 26, 2006


(written as I was completing Vol2 - Issue 48 of PICTURE TO PONDER)

Picture to Ponder - Vol 2-Issue 48
Outdated, ugly, past my prime and usefulness
Corroded with rust
Broken metal has sharp edges

What's the point?
Why am I still here?
How long will I last?

Oh... There she is.
That Sheila with her camera.

I hear that through her lens
She discovers great beauty sometimes.
(Am I beautiful?)
Certainly she captures things of interest that most people miss.

The thing she says she most enjoys
Is when others start seeing more also.

I am now content.
I know I have a place in the world, on the web, in your memory
Matters not that my memory's gone
I can't even recall what my function was

I'm sure I must have made a difference AND
NOW I can rest, for sure, knowing that
Something has been captured here

That will alter the way many of you
start perceiving new and differently
Transforming pieces of your own lives.

(Hmmm. Was I a transformer?)

©2006 Sheila Finkelstein
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At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What amazes me most about this is the "seeing". There is an incredible creativity in how Sheila sees this. I'm looking forward to more art of hers appearing.


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